If you want me to watch your shows, STOP charging for the pilot!

Why do we still live in a day and age where we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, but are still being charged to watch pilots?

On occasion, when a new show releases you can find the first episode for free on ITunes or Google Play for an extremely limited time. I have yet to find a show past its first season that still offers the first episode for free. Take a hint from the mobile marketplace, Micro Transactions WORK!


                     This is a pretty simple concept:

               Put up at least the first episode for free.

                     Get people hooked. Make bank! 



It is amazing how many new shows I have experienced on Netflix because I can start from the beginning. I don’t want to jump in halfway through a season or even worse, season 5. I am not going to pay just to see if I like your show when there are so many more that I can discover for free. If content is worth it, I will pay, but you need to sell me on it first.

Make your amazing content accessible with the first episode for free Permanently.  Then people will pay to watch.


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